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Have You Ever Heard Of A Pummelo? Something to chew on this #Friday, have you ever heard of a Pummelo? Our friends UF IFAS Solutions have a great write-up on this tropical-friendly fruit bearing tree. Florikan offers a full line of citrus geared products to make a successful Pummelo harvest - just drop a line to a distributor!

Florikan Gives Back To Hardee County

Today is a #Thankful #Thursday here at Florikan. We had planned to donate these trees to the Hardee County Courthouse re-landscaping project on Earth Day, but the logistics didn't work out. We have a great amount of #respect for the leadership and warm welcome that Hardee County's residents and government have made for us here, and it is our goal to be a #steward of the community and the world around us.

Houston, we have vegetables growing in space

Astronauts Kjell Lindgren and Scott Kelly taste the very first vegetable grown in space by humans. (Photo credits: NASA) Salads are a delicacy hard to come by in space, but one that astronauts covet. And now two companies have made this dream of growing fresh vegetables in space a reality. BASF, in conjunction with fertilizer manufacturer Florikan, has found a solution to the most common dilemma facing fertilizers today—and it’s changing the world of agriculture. The biggest problem with fertilizers worldwide is that they release too fast and go into the groundwater instead of going straight to the plant. Florikan and NASA saw the value of BASF's chemistry that coats the fertilizer, whic

Tapping Into New Crops in Florida #Wednesday #Wisdom a great article from Growing Produce Magazine about alternative crops in Florida. It's really awesome what #Innovation can do in the right hands! CRF plays a key role in many of these crops - tap into a key FL innovator, Florikan

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