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Florikan Moves Up On Business Observers Top 500 List For 2019

Florikan had a banner year in 2018, and the Gulf Coast’s business community is taking notice. The recently released Business Observer Top 500 Companies has Florikan moving up 7 places from last years rating, on a strong 15.48% growth rate. Driving this is primarily the launch of Florikans latest coating technology, YLD™. This technology has provided an attainable gateway into the world of enhanced efficiency fertilizers for agriculture in the southeastern United States. Other elements fueling this growth include Florikans strategic moves to enhance its ties with base producers, ensuring an uninterrupted flow of quality materials for production are always on hand; as well as logistical pr

Headquarters - 6801 Energy Court, Suite 100 – Sarasota, Florida 34240  |  Operations l 2404 Commerce Court – Bowling Green, Florida 33834

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