Nutricote® Micro takes the gold standard of controlled-release fertilizer and optimizes it into a concentrated package designed to deliver exceptional results with very little product required. Nutricote® Micro packs the total nutritional spectrum of FlorikanCRF TOTAL w/Nutricote® 13-3-13 into a package over 20x smaller.


What this means to you is that you can ensure every plant or container has an adequate amount of fertilizer even in very small cell packs or liners. This consistency ensures you’ll be producing identical crops the meet your specifications for size and quality.


As the garden center consumer becomes more sophisticated and selective, be prepared with the right fertilizer to ensure your crops grow to a higher standard.  Give your nursery, or greenhouse the competitive edge with FlorikanCRF with Nutricote® Micro.


Product Labels

Big Things Come In Small Packages

The TOTAL Nutrient Package


  • 100% Controlled Release Homogeneous Fertilizer

  • Coating Technology Provides Predictable Release

  • Coating Designed to Release in 70 to 180 Days

  • Total Package of N-P-K and Micros in Every Prill

  • 4x Water Soluble Fe (Iron) in Every Prill vs 18-6-8

  • Balanced N & K with Low P


  • Consistent and Dependable Performance

  • Will Not Flash Release

  • Matches Longevity to Crop Cycle

  • Uniform Crop Quality in Size & Color

  • Maximizes Iron Uptake for Deep Green Color

  • Produces Strong Plants with Minimal Stretch

The Same Predictable Release

Nutricote® contains technology to grow more ecologically. Use of this product helps raise awareness about the influence of sustainable principles for the future and environmental advocacy by Florikan. Learn more about Space Certification here

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