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Grower Partner Spotlight: Hale & Hines Nursery

This week Florikan is proud to feature as our Grower Partner spotlight, Hale and Hines Nursery in McMinnville, Tennessee. Hale and Hines focuses on field grown and container grown trees, on over 200 Acres of production. Selling their trees wholesale to garden centers, re-wholesalers, landscape companies, etc.

Hale and Hines, diversifies with over 442 different products available (per their website). Not unlike the diversity Florikan provides with our quality controlled release fertilizer. Like Florikan, Hale and Hines is a 2nd generation family business, with deep roots and many long term employees. Reflecting on the values of loyalty, ownership and trust as well as an indicator of strength and solid decision making.

Hale and Hines also shares the Florikan core behavior of Stewardship: “All land used for production was previously farm land. Our company is committed to the conservation and protection of our natural resources” To that end they list the significant #stewardship steps they take on their About Us page.

With these similarities, it’s no wonder Hale and Hines trust Florikan CRF on their products. It’s also why Florikan CRF the natural choice for any #Nursery, #Agriculture, #Turf, #Landscape or Municipal need you may have.

If you are in the trade, reach out to Hale and Hines here.

Or if you are ready to power your plants with the best, find a distributor here.

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