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Florikan Corporate Compass
Who We Are
What We Do
Core Values
Core Behaviors
Our Mission
Why We Do It

Florikan is an award-winning agri-tech business headquartered in Sarasota, FL; evolving plant nutrition through advanced fertilizer technologies by manufacturing, blending, and distributing controlled release fertilizer. Florikan serves the major markets of professional ornamental horticulture, landscape & turf, and specialty agriculture in North America and select export markets. 

Florikan engineers specialized coatings to optimize plant nutrition and reduce environmental impact. Our engineered coating technologies encapsulate fertilizers allowing for controlled nutrient delivery. We optimize plant nutrition by providing a constant supply of fertilizer throughout the growth cycle. We reduce environmental impact by limiting fertilizer loss while extending fertilizer availability to the plant.


Embrace Change
Engage in the “Challenge Process” goal is progress not victory
Exhibit humility, understand others diverse thoughts, ideas  

and feedback


Comply with all safety, environmental, and regulatory requirements
Exemplify high standards of quality assurance
Preserve natural finite resources

Carefully communicate with purpose, be mindful   of intention and perception
Continuously improve, never be satisfied with         the status quo
Employ objective decision making

Self Motivation  

Demonstrate a sense of urgency
Display an optimistic attitude
Embody pride and determination


Empower team to take initiative
Respect and accept decisions right and implementation plan
Consider challenges as opportunities for solutions

Yourself, each other, 
partners, customers, organizations, 
and the environment. 

The fabric that builds and sustains  
the longest relationship. 

Being reliable and accountable for the decisions and responsibilities committed to.

Maintaining personal, professional,

social and ecological responsibilities.

Continuously advance product leadership through solution driven innovations. 

Helping growers find a better way

To beautify our natural surroundings and advance conventional agriculture

Bringing Plant Nutrition, Production, and Conservation Together

Evolving plant nutrition through advanced fertilizer technologies


Reward and recognize excellence and achievements
Show camaraderie and compassion towards our
employees, customers, and partners
Support continued education and training

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