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Work With NASA

In 2017 Florikan was inducted into the Space Technology Hall of Fame alongside NASA Kennedy Space Center (KSC). Our groundbreaking Staged Nutrient Technology (SNR) and work assisting the Veggie program were the catalysts for this great honor. 

President Eric Rosenthal, Receiving the induction medal at the Technology Hall of Fame induction ceremony. (Photo Credit The Space Foundation)

GAL-XeONE was developed in conjunction; and with assistance from NASA using cutting edge research, quality control and scientific methodology.  Learn more about Space Certification here

Nutricote® contains technology to grow more ecologically. Use of this product helps raise awareness about the influence of sustainable principles for the future and environmental advocacy by Florikan. Learn more about Space Certification here

Florikan is proud to be part of a unique partnership with Space Plant Biology Team within NASA. They have chosen to use select portions of our innovative Nutricote® line of products to be the foundation for microgravity plant growth. This knowledge exchange has allowed us to begin to forge ahead into new and exciting areas of research and development.

As part of the NSPE New Product Award, Florikan received a grant from NASA’s SATOP (Space Alliance Technology Outreach Program),  which assisted the development of Florikan's proprietary polymer coating process, Florikote.

President Eric Rosenthal, Founders Ed and Betty Rosenthal at the Space Technology Hall of Fame induction ceremony. (Photo Credit The Space Foundation)

Founders Ed and Betty Rosenthal visit NASA Kennedy Space Center to see Florikan CRF in action. (Photo Credit NASA)

Members of the NASA Veggie Research Team met with Florikan Senior Staff as well as representatives of Hardee County, Florida Government. At the Florikan Manufacturing Facility in Bowling Green, Florida.