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Florikan products have a incredible real world track record. Find out more about best practices and

on-the-ground results right here.

GAL-XeONE nutrient release curve generator web-based application. This is a great tool to calculate rates for our landscape and bulk products (that contain GAL-XeONE )

Common conversions used in horticultural growing, a great item to have saved on your computer or printed out. Courtesy of UGA and the State of Maine. 

A collaborative effort of floriculture specialists to create a new clearing house for alerts about disease, insect, environmental, physiological and nutritional disorders being observed in commercial greenhouses. Information is available about disorders, podcasts, and research

The mobile optimized version of eGro - No download required!



Training and crop management tools for nursery and greenhouse growers on the go - up-to-date information packs and grower tools cover a wide range of nursery and greenhouse production issues from economics to nutrition to water quality.

A powerful suite of apps developed by the Purdue Plant and Pest Diagnostic Lab. This suite aims to empower people passionate about plants  improve the health and appearance of their plants. Their mobile apps to provide critical information about horticulture, agriculture and turf where and when it is needed.

Nutrient Guides

Comprehensive nutrient guides for macro and micronutrients from the International Plant Nutrition Institute


An introduction to setting up a drip irrigation system, thanks to the University of Arizona.

Drip Irrigation Guide


Conducting regular Leachate Fraction tests is a smart and proactive way for any nursery or greenhouse operator to take control of their irrigation program. This test is simple and inexpensive to perform.

Download the Guide


This is a handy measuring guide for some of our more popular fertilizer varieties using the green Florikan measuring spoon.

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