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Florikan Continues to Grow in Specialty Agriculture and Vertical Farming

Florikan charges into the first quarter of 2018 with strong developments in Specialty Agriculture and Vertical Farming. Growth in Spec Ag sector can be attributed to successful new hires in our sales team and strategic partnerships with distributors that are well aligned within the target market. The feedback from the field has allowed us to begin to trial custom blends targeted to individual crop types as well as climate and soil conditions.

Florikan’s consultative sales process combined with boutique style production capabilities allow us to produce a product that far exceeds any “off the shelf” CRF. The following side-by-side comparison shows incredible Bell Pepper growth in just 2 weeks with a custom-made proprietary FlorikanCRF blend.

The Vertical Farming market has been growing ever since the approval of our patented method of CRF fertilization of soil-based vertical farming was approved. Our two primary trial locations here in Florida, Sweetgrass Farms ( and Bekemeyer Family Farm ( have been adjusting and improving our rates and timing to create ever more bountiful yields!

Sweetgrass Farms has even been growing a unique type of radish with a crunch and a very distinct flavor! Always innovating!

We look forward to the next round of news from our partners in the field, no matter what they grow. As always, at Florikan we are committed to helping the grower “Find a better way”.

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