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Getting Educated: 3 Quick Ideas To Improve Any Golf Course

Maintaining a golf course is never a simple task. However, with the right tools, and good help – it can be a rewarding and profitable profession. Some of the variables such as morale, soil quality, and maintenance are somewhat in our control, and that can greatly impact the viability and profitability of any golf course operation. Let’s take some time to explore some key tools a new (or seasoned) superintendent can use to get educated and become more productive and profitable!

Improving Superintendents

Surprisingly, one of the best ways to improve the golf course experience is to improve the work culture of the maintenance staff. GCM online has a great comprehensive rundown on improving culture and improving yourself as a superintendent. Check it out here


A much-overlooked practice in golf course maintenance is that of aerification. This practice can lead to improved root systems, better nutrient absorption, and overall healthier turf. Check out this great walkthrough on aerification at GCM online here

Preventive maintenance (PM’s)

Something that can be frequently overlooked is a preventative maintenance schedule. (PM’s) When planning your maintenance schedule, look at what needs to be serviced or replaced well in advance of when it needs to be.

Schedule these out on a calendar, assigning them to members of the team with appropriate skills and the time to handle the tasks.


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