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Florikan® Partners with EuroChem™ Group

Florikan is pleased to announce its partnership with EuroChem Group. Florikan has entered into a strategic agreement to purchase and market premium and standard fertilizers from EuroChem for its new growing product line of enhanced efficiency controlled release fertilizers. Florikan’s partnership will facilitate the timely and steady supply of fertilizer raw materials ensuring that Florikan is able to meet the markets’ growing demand for CRFs. “EuroChem provides a consistent, steady, and timely supply that allows Florikan’s fertilizer production facility in Central Florida to continue to operate smoothly and efficiently 24/7” said Eric Rosenthal, Florikan CEO. As Florikan continues to expand capacity, the partnership with EuroChem is designed to ensure stability in the supply chain and secure competitive market pricing from a premier base producer. EuroChem is a globally known and respected fertilizer manufacturer that is growing rapidly in the U.S. with an expanding distribution footprint throughout the eastern seaboard and Florida. EuroChem produces over 13 million metric tons of fertilizers annually and is currently among the world leaders in the production of nitrogen, phosphorous, and potash-based fertilizers. EuroChem boasts a full range of high value SOP based NPK’s marketed under the world leading Nitrophoska® brand. “EuroChem is best positioned to supply Florikan’s growing requirements across a wide range of fertilizers base materials which Florikan depends upon for its quickly growing CRF product lines.” Said Brian Patterson, Vice President of Florikan. EuroChem’s partnership with Florikan helps to fulfill its desire to grow EuroChem’s portfolio of enhanced efficiency fertilizers. As such, Florikan will exclusively coat EuroChem suNkiss Balance™ 21-0-21 premium fertilizer, producing the world’s first homogenous high-analysis potassium and nitrogen controlled-released fertilizer for broad scale agriculture. Florikan’s coated suNKiss Balance will be marketed under the Gal-XeONE and YLD brand names. Florikan’s coating technologies have the unique ability to control the delivery of plant available nitrate nitrogen and water-soluble potassium without the addition of phosphorus while simultaneously reducing the effects of potentially damaging chloride. “EuroChem Group is excited to partner with Florikan, growing its presence in the world of enhanced efficiency fertilizers. EuroChem is enthusiastic to support this innovative business segment and is proud to be a partner in Florikan’s efforts to provide the grower with more advanced, sustainable production tools.” Said Adam Richardson, EuroChem Senior Vice President. The new partnership will provide our customers with tremendous value by maintaining a consistent supply of competitively priced, and unique controlled release fertilizers to the market. Florikan will polymer coat and jointly market EuroChem’s fertilizers under the Gal-XeONE and YLD brand names into the turf, ornamental, and agricultural markets in the southeast U.S. and select export markets.

About Florikan Florikan ESA, an award winning family owned agri-tech business headquartered in Sarasota, FL, is dedicated to evolving plant nutrition through advanced fertilizer technologies by manufacturing, blending, and distributing controlled release fertilizer. Florikan serves the major markets of professional ornamental horticulture, landscape & turf, and specialty agriculture in North America and select export markets. For information about distributors or other products visit About EuroChem Group AG EuroChem is a leading global producer of nitrogen, phosphate and potash fertilizers. The Group is vertically integrated with activities spanning mining to fertilizer production, logistics, and distribution. EuroChem began test production at its Usolskiy potash mine in early 2018, and continues to develop a second greenfield site at VolgaKaliy in Russia. Headquartered in Zug, Switzerland, the Group operates production facilities in Europe, Asia and the CIS, employing more than 26,000 people. For more information, please visit

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