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2019 State Of The Industry Report

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

Cover of "The Fertilizer Institutes State Of The Industry Report" for 2019

The US fertilizer industry is a key driver in our economy. Every year, The Fertilizer Institute collates a great report recording our achievements as an industry for the past 12 months.

We’ve taken some of the most important top-line statistics from the recently released report for 2019 and highlighted them for you.

Fertilizer Industry Economic Impact

Economic Impact • $155 B Annual Economic Impact Of The Fertilizer Industry In The United States • 495,000 Employees in the Fertilizer Industry Nationwide • 53,931 Employees in the Fertilizer Industry In Florida • $8.0 B In Federal Taxes Paid • $7.0 B in State Taxes Paid

Fertilizer Industry Sustainability

Sustainability • Retailers Sold 1.23m Tons of Enhanced Efficiency Nitrogen Tons (24% of all Nitrogen Sold) • The US fertilizer Industry Has Reduced Water Use Per Ton of Nitrogen Produced by 42% Over Five Years • 5.9M Short Tons of Recycled Material Used In The Production Of Fertilizers

Fertilizer Industry Safety

Safety • As a Whole, the Lost-Time Incident Rates and Recordable Rates Fall Below the Industry Averages

• Drop In Recordable Incident Rates For Blenders and Wholesalers From 3.0 per 100 Employees to 2.25 per 100 Employees

• Drop In Recordable Incident Rates For Manufacturers From 2.9 per 100 Employees to 1.08 per 100 Employees • 773 Hours of Emergency Responder Training Provided


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