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Florikan Founder On BBC's "The Food Chain"

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

Cover Image for the BBC Podcast "The Food Chain" featuring Florikan Founder Ed Rosenthal.

Congratulations to Florikan founder Ed Rosenthal for being featured on the BBC Podcast “The Food Chain” Florikans continued work with NASA and Ed’s advocacy for sustainability continues to bring us to the attention of the international media.

Here is this week’s episode description: “Why are companies blasting bottles of alcohol and crops into space? Are they just publicity stunts, or are there some serious scientific discoveries to be made?

We explore the potential of space when it comes to producing food and drink - not for astronauts or the first settlers on Mars, but by developing crops that could be more productive and more resistant to climate change here on Earth.

A NASA scientist tells Graihagh Jackson how microgravity on the International Space Station could be the key to unlocking the potential of many Earth crops, and a serial entrepreneur explains why he’s investing hundreds of millions of dollars in the idea in a bid to save Bordeaux wine.

Plus, we find out how space science has already helped us grow indoor crops and develop more efficient and environmentally friendly fertilisers.”

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