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Achieve Superior Golf and Sports Turf with Florikan and Profile

This month, in honor of our joint appearance at Cultivate 2022, we are highlighting the ways our customers can find synergies within the combined Florikan and Profile Products catalogs.

We’re going to take a look at the advantages of combining both FlorikanCRF and Profile products on your golf course or sports fields to create recreational spaces like no other.

Incorporating FlorikanCRF’s Golf and Turf products such as 26-2-9 Turf Max or 35-0-8 Turf Plus with Profile Products Porous Ceramics; Field and Fairway™ or Greens Grade™ yields powerful results such as:


An improved root zone allowing for better absorption of the macro- and micronutrients. Leading to healthier turf structure and a deeper color. Reduced nutrient leaching. Florikan’s CRF products already control leaching, they are supercharged with the addition of Profiles substrate products. Benefiting your turf and keeping excess nutrients away from the groundwater.

Reduced Labor. Profile’s substrates retains moisture at the root zone, virtually eliminating the time-intensive chore of hand watering due to a localized dry spot. Add this to Florikan’s ability to reduce fertilizer applications 50% or more and expect a significant decrease in labor.

Find out more about Profile Products Porous Ceramics at:

Find out more about FlorikanCRF Golf and Sports Turf Fertilizers at:


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