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AG and Landscape Customers Benefit From Profile and Florikan Bond

This month, in honor of our joint appearance at Cultivate 2022, we are highlighting the ways our customers can find synergies within the combined Florikan and Profile Products catalogs.

We’re going to now study the improvements of bringing together both FlorikanCRF and Profile products in your agricultural or landscape operation.

In agriculture, Florikans’ YLD product line harmonizes with Profiles Actizorb porous ceramic substrate. Some of the enhancements you may expect are:

Increased Nutrient Retention. Whether you are fertilizing with an eye to heavy nitrogen applications for establishment and stalk growth; or you’re leaning into potassium for enhanced flowering and fruiting production, this is a winning combination. The controlled and consistent nutrient output of YLD along with the assistance from Actizorb™ enhanced soil mean stronger plants, and bigger yields.

Increased Water Holding Potential. The sandy soil and heat are some of the biggest enemies of agriculture in Florida. Actizorb™ teams up with YLD to keep the moisture where it belongs, at the roots of the crop and help slow down evaporation and excess leaching of nutrients. YLD uses this space to deliver its nutrients at the right place, and the right time, every time.

In landscape applications, Profile® Lawn & Landscape Porous Ceramic Soil Conditioner allied with Florikan 18-6-11 NPK Pro or any member of the Florikan 21-4-8 NPK Plus series of Controlled Release Fertilizers makes an unbeatable landscape combination. Working in concert, some of the results you may see are:

Improved Efficiency. Profiles’ Lawn & Landscape Porous Ceramic Soil Conditioner is an ideal companion to improve the efficiency of Florikan Controlled Release Fertilizers. The increased CEC (cation exchange capacity) or nutrient retention of the Profile particle increases the ability for the plant to take advantage of the fertilizer for longer periods

Sustainability & Safety. Profiles’ Lawn & Landscape Porous Ceramic Soil Conditioner will support the release effects of FlorikanCRF and help you and your landscape clients know they are working to keep excess nutrients out of waterways after heavy rainfall events. You and your clients will also have the security that this combination helps develop strong drainage pathways so those same rainfall events contribute less to localized flooding around buildings.


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