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Florida Lawn and Garden Guide for September

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

Even though the heat persists in Florida, many of us are going to use much of our free time to head into our green spaces to plan, plant, trim, harvest and enjoy. So we put together some advice from authoritative sources around the web on how to get the most out of your Florida Lawn and Garden this September.

Things To Eat


Collards – Collards are a great green veggie to plant this month, and our friends over at Bonnie Plants have a thorough rundown on growing, maintaining, and storing collards after they have been harvested.

Various Bean Varieties - Beans are a great Florida staple many months out of the year and provide lots of nutrients. Beans also have the added bonus of having a multitude of methods or preparation depending on your preferences. The FNGLA-Certified Horticulturalist, Josh who operates FL, has a great how-to on growing Beans in Florida. He reviews the pros and cons of various varieties of beans, as well as tips on fertilization, planting, and dealing with pests.

Color Choices


The UF/IFAS Gardening Solutions team has a succinct breakdown of year-round color plants for Florida. These three happen to stand out as good choices for a September planting, Gerberas, Plumbagoes, and Ixoras. Below you'll find links to their in-depth profiles and growing guides to get started: Lawn Care


The knowledgeable team at UF/IFAS has a highly detailed breakdown of the Fall lawn care routine every Florida homeowner should be familiar with. They cover (but are not limited to) mowing, fertilization, water optimization, and improvement advice based on season and turf type.


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