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Florida Summer Lawn Care Tips

Summertime can be challenging for homeowners in Florida wanting to maintain a perfect lawn. We've rounded up a few key items to remember when trying to keep your green space as pristine as possible this month. Keep in mind, however, in the Florida summer - when doing any work outdoors, stay hydrated, wear sun protection, and watch for signs of heat stress.

Mow at 3-Inches

As the heat ramps up, the grass begins to dry out. And contrary to what seems logical, you want to keep your lawn a little longer, as the length will keep It safer from the extreme temperatures. Consider keeping your lawn at about 3 inches.

Water to 1-Inch

To help maintain the color of your lawn you’ll need to continue a watering schedule. Depending on the predicted rainfall, you want to aim for 1 inch of water per week. If rainfall will cover that you’ll be okay, but if it won't, you’ll need to irrigate. Make sure to check with your local municipality for watering regulations and plan accordingly.


Aeration is a great procedure – it’s One of the most overlooked tricks in lawn maintenance This task keeps your yard fresh and healthy while promoting growth. Here’s a quick 4 step process to aerate by hand.

1. Thoroughly water your lawn a day or two before you begin the aeration process. Apply at least one inch of water.

2. Push a hand aerifier's hollow tubes into the grass soil, and pull them out of the soil. Leave the removed soil cores on the lawn's surface. Repeat the procedure every 4 to 6 inches throughout the entire lawn.

3. Rake soil cores into the lawn if you find their appearance unsightly, but don't remove them from the lawn.


Always Monitor Your Lawn for Abnormalities - We're coming up to the height of lawn pest problems, diseases, and weather damage, so being on top of your lawn's health is extremely important. Don't assume a brown patch is just drought damage, or that a thinning area is just from foot traffic. Always do a thorough inspection to rule out a pest or disease, or to confirm your suspicions. Awareness of potential problems will help you remedy them quickly and return your lawn to its best.


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