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Florida Turfgrass Profiles – Bermudagrass



Selecting the right kind of turf for your home, or outdoor project is a delicate thought-out decision that takes time and research. In this series, we are going to do a deep dive into the common turf types used in the state of Florida. Helping you be a better-informed consumer, finding the right turf for your needs. Today we are continuing the series with a frequent choice for high traffic areas such as sports fields and parks, Bermudagrass, read on!

Regular Cultivars • Latitude 36 • Tiftuf • Celebration • Bimini • Northbridge • Discovery


• Creates a varying textured (depends on cultivar), dense ground cover. • Well suited to full sun areas. • Cultivars are tailored from fine to coarse, high maintenance to low. • Excellent wear, drought, and salt tolerance. • Good option when irrigation options are limited.


• Designed for sports fields and commercial applications, not well suited for home lawns due to frequent mowing requirements (however many homeowners still choose it.) • Poor tolerance to many insects, diseases, and nematode pests. • Poor cold and shade tolerance, and will brown in winter. • Aggressive growth profile will invade flower beds and create thatch. • Difficult to control on lawn edges or sidewalks.

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