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Florida Turfgrass Profiles – St. Augustine Grass

St. Augustine Grass

Selecting the right kind of turf for your home, or outdoor project is a delicate thought-out decision that takes time and research. In this series, we are going to do a deep dive into the common turf types used in the state of Florida. Helping you be a better-informed consumer, finding the right turf for your needs. Today we are going to start with a popular choice for Florida home lawn, St. Augustinegrass, read on!

St. Augustinegrass General Overview


• Blue-Green Dense Turf

• Well Adapted To Most Soils And Climatic Regions In Florida.

• Relatively Good Salt Tolerance

• Establishes quickly and easily and may be planted as sod, sprigs, or plugs.

• Certain Cultivars Have Better Shade Tolerance Than Other Warm-Season Grass Species


• Some Pest Issues and Disease Issues Include Southern Chinch Bug, Gray Leaf Spot, Large Patch, and Take-all Root Rot

• Requires Supplemental Irrigation

• Has a Dormancy Period Where it Becomes Brown

• Heavy Use of Fertilizer Creates Unwanted Thatch

• Poor Wear Tolerance and Does Not Hold Up to Repeated Foot or Vehicular Traffic

Regular Cultivars • Bitterblue • Classic • Deltashade • Floratam' • Palmetto • Raleigh

Dwarf Cultivars • Captiva • Delmar • Sapphire • Seville

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