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Florikan and Profile, a Horticulture Powerhouse

This month, in honor of our joint appearance at Cultivate 2022, we are highlighting the ways our customers can find synergies within the combined Florikan and Profile Products catalogs. In this post, we’re taking a look at some of the advantages of combining Profile’s HydraFiber® substrate when paired with Florikan’s Nutricote® Controlled Release Fertilizer.


HydraFiber® is a unique engineered-fiber material with consistent physical properties eliminate variability in final mixes. Combine this with Nutricotes’ consistent and precise nutrient delivery, even in high heat environments, and you remove some of the most challenging variables in creating quality, repeatable results.


HydraFibers'® high surface availability paired with Nutricotes’ complete suite of macro and micronutrients virtually guarantees plants never run into deficiencies in the growth cycle.


HydraFibers’® light weight in conjunction with Nutricotes’ simple incorporation tables make blending very simple, and much less labor intense.

One Source With Florikan and Profile under one roof, your substrate and fertilizer needs are one call away. A representative can help advise you on how to make the most out of your operation; so you can get back to what you love, making the world a little greener!

Find Out More About HydraFiber®: Find Out More About Nutricote®:


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