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Florikan Announces Distribution Center Expansion

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

Florikan's Rapid Response Tents to help deliver Controlled Release Fertilizer faster
One of the new rapid response tents at the Florikan Distribution Center (FDC)

Just 18 months after the opening of the Florikan Distribution Center (FDC) in Hardee County, Florida, Florikan ESA is announcing a major expansion of its staging and temporary storage capacity. These additions will help Florikan manage the growing demand for its premium lines of controlled-release fertilizer products which include, Nutricote®, Gal-XeONE™, and YLD™. Additional staging capacity allows for more simultaneous shipments to be prepared for loading before trucks arrive. This allows teams to focus on optimizing each truck's product load, delivering the most value for the shipping dollar to our customers. With the exponential growth of the home landscaping market, houseplant market, and a significant rise in fresh agricultural products, demand for crop nutrients is strong. Along with this, Florikan’s polymer-coated nutrient solutions provide superior crop quality. Florikan’s products achieve this all while reducing variability due to weather and soil quality, reducing labor cost, as well as reducing overall environmental impact. This facility growth has also led to strong demand for motivated, and energetic new employees at Florikan. Interested parties can view openings at


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