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Glee and Dynamite are a Home Gardeners Dream!

This month, in honor of our joint appearance at Cultivate 2022, we are highlighting the ways our customers can find synergies within the combined Florikan and Profile Products catalogs. In this post, we’re taking a look at bringing all the benefits of FlorikanCRF and Profile Products right into your own backyard!

Did you know that it’s just a click away to bring the future of growing into your own personal green space? With the power of Profiles’ Glee™ Potting Mix and Better-Gros’® Dynamite Plant Food (Powered by Florikan) you may experience for yourself:

Less Work and Less Mess. Fertilizing with Dynamite® means one and done, no liquids or mixing! Combine this with the benefits of Glee which is much less messy than traditional potting soil, and plants growing in Glee can be watered less than most traditional potting mixes.

Happier and Healthier Plants. Dynamite® fertilizers feature a unique formula has a special coating and various micro-nutrient packages (depending on the formula) to help meet the growing needs of flowers, shrubs, and vegetables! Combine this with Glees’™ ability to aid in root development and retain those nutrients for longer.

Simple Ordering. No time to get to the garden center? No problem! Both Glee™ and Dynamite® can be ordered right on!

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​Glee Potting Mix

Dynamite Controlled Release Fertilizer


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