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Introducing: FlorikanCRF 17-5-10 NPK Plus

FlorikanCRF 17-5-10 NPK Plus is a premium top-dress fertilizer designed primarily for in-ground and containerized tree farms in the Southeastern United States. It combines a portion of quick-acting homogenous granular fertilizer for immediate nutrition with the remainder being long-term polymer coated NPK with a full suite of micronutrients. This new blended product is available in 180, 270, and 360 Day longevities.


  • Total Fertilizer Containing NPK and Micronutrients

  • Polymer Coated and Uncoated Homogeneous Blend

  • Innovative GAL-XeONE Coated NPK Provides Predictable Release

  • Can be Applied as Top Dress or Incorporation

  • Available in 180, 270, and 360-Day Release


  • Wide Range of Crop Applications

  • Quick Start and Lasting Nutrients in One Product

  • Coated to Reduce Potential of Plant Injury

  • Allows for Flexibility Based on Grower or Crop Need

  • Matches Longevity to Crop Cycle

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To see if this product will fit in your nursery plan find a distributor HERE


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