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Origins of "E.S.A."

When Florikan was founded in 1981, the letters E.S.A. in our name, stood for (and still stand for) “Environmentally Sustainable Agriculture”. At the time our founder, Ed Rosenthal was concerned with innovating the way green industries grow everything from nursery crops to vegetables, to the sod that grew under his kid's feet while they play soccer.

This drive to innovate has been the primary motivating factor for the technological breakthroughs here at Florikan. In the next few blog posts, we’d like to share some of those innovations that we have developed through the last 40+ years.

Florikan & Profile Products

Now that we are part of the Profile Products family of brands, we are backed by a team that shares these sustainability goals as well. We are eager to combine our resources, research, and ideas to develop new and novel ideas. Stay tuned, the best is yet to come.


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