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More Florida Citrus Producers Pondering the Lemon Pledge A good read from our friends Growing Produce about #innovation in Florida’s citrus industry. Florikan is all about innovation, and we are here to adapt with you! Our technical sales reps and brand advocates can help tailor a nutrient solution to your unique growing needs, contact us today

Fertilizer Focus - Headline Article We've written the headline article in the upcoming Fertilizer Focus magazine! Check out the full magazine at (

Great Job Youngs!

We love to see our grower-partners Young's Plant Farm expand! #CongratsCan't wait to see the products that come out of these new buildings!

Remembering Hurricane Andrew

Today is the 25th anniversary of the landfall of#HurricaneAndrew in South Florida. A massive cat 5 storm that nearly doomed the horticulture industry in this state. Florikan worked tirelessly to send humanitarian aid in around the clock once the storm cleared. After which our management and accounting team worked with customers to help them get product to rebuild. This led to Florikan being awarded the “Corporate Hero of Hurricane Andrew” by The American Red Cross Deep loyalty to our industry and community is an ingrained core principle at Florikan – and it shows.

The 4R's and Potassium #WednesdayWisdom a great article from both CropLife Magazine and 4R Nutrient Stewardship about Potassium (K) and it’s part in the 4R process. A good quick read. FlorikanCRF products are engineered to meet all of your crops nutritional needs, for up to 18 months

Fine Tuning Citrus Fertility A great article from Growing Produce about citrus fertility, and the use of high quality CRF in production. Talk to our knowledgeable distributors and technical representatives to find out how to integrate FlorikanCRF into the nutritional plan for your grove

Finding Iron Deficiencies Check out this great quick video on #Iron deficiencies from one of our friends on twitter. #Didyouknow if you use one of our complete FlorikanCRF blends, with a full suite of micronutrients - you wont be worrying about things like this? Talk to one of our knowledgeable distributors today!

How to Avoid Scalping Your Lawn Some great lawn advice from our friends at UF IFAS Solutions, #Summercan be an intense growth period for lawns - but you've got to maintain some balance in maintaining your green space.

Life in The Groves

Check out this quick video about #FloridaCitrus, Florikan is proud to support the citrus industry in our state - we develop a line of products geared to help increase yield and resist disease

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