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Florikan Featured In NASA's Spinoff 2018

Florikan is excited to announce we have been featured in NASA’s Spinoff publication for another year! Spinoff is a publication of NASA’s Technology Transfer Program and profiles NASA technologies that have transformed into commercial products and services. Approximately 50 technologies are featured in the yearly publication. Last year, Spinoff did an in-depth look into Florikan’s contribution to the overall VEGGIE program. Providing our FlorikanCRF TOTAL w/Nutricote fertilizer and technical expertise to grow various green crops in the Advanced Plant Habitat on-board the International Space Station.

This new article focuses on the further growth of Florikan’s relationship with NASA and the VEGGIE program. The Florikan R&D team have since developed a patented method of fertilization of flowering and fruit bearing crops. This method includes FlorikanCRF NPK MAX w/GAL-XeONE and NANO Micro Prill Technology.

These advances piqued the interest of the VEGGIE team, as the next crops to go up would be varieties of dwarf tomatoes. Florikan and the VEGGIE scientists worked in synergy to develop a custom solution for success onboard the ISS. This continuing relationship is proof positive of the success of the Technology Transfer Program as well as the dedication of everyone at Florikan and NASA. We look forward to seeing what results come from this collaboration next! (photos credit NASA)

In the meantime – read the full text of the Spinoff 2018 article here:

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