Florikan on The Cover: “Mizuna to Mars”

Astronaut Jessica Meir enjoys her home grown mizuna salad on the ISS.

Photo Credit: NASAFigure

We are pleased to announce that Florikan has once again been featured in Argus Media’s Fertilizer Focus Magazine. In this upcoming issue, they look at the expansion of the veggie program operations onboard the International Space Station (ISS) and the role Florikan plays in it.

Astronaut Drew Morgan shows off his home grown mizuna on the International Space Station. Photo Credit: NASA

Florikan has been proudly supplying fertilizer and technical expertise to the NASA veggie team since 2015. We worked together to overcome significant nutritional challenges not found on planet Earth. This nutritional expertise, combined with the Veggie teams innovations in the fields of LED lighting, and microgravity water delivery have created a real path for sustainable life support aboard NASA’s Artemis moon mission and subsequent Mars attempt.

Astronauts Christina Koch and Jessica Meir on the ISS harvesting mizuna.

Photo Credit: NASA

NASA has also begun to use FlorikanCRF on a wider array of crops onboard the ISS, expanding out to Mizuna mustard greens. They have also installed additional veggie units as well as a new, more complex chamber known as the APH or (Advanced Plant Habitat); all of which contain FlorikanCRF.

We would like to thank the NASA Technology Transfer Program and Ms. Mikaela W. McShane for penning this article and invite everyone to read it below:

From Mizuna to Mars
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